John AldayJohn Alday CEO and Founder

When I started Cima Solutions Group back in 2005, my vision was to create a business that focused on helping our clients by reducing the cost of technology infrastructure.  The premise was that if we can optimize our client’s environment, they could focus their investments on revenue generating activities.  Now many years later, we have proven that formula to be true time and time again.  The means have changed from a strictly server focus to now a storage and cloud focus in addition to servers, however the ends are still the same – we deliver reliable and efficient IT solutions that create financial value for our clients.

Our approach and execution hasn’t changed either. Simplification to promote availability – that’s the foundation of any Cima Optimized Solution. Our approach considers your current environment and provides a blueprint to optimization.  The framework considers:

  • Optimization through both “Private Cloud” deployment” (server, storage, and desktop virtualization) and “Public Cloud” technologies
  • Availability through optimization by leveraging your optimized environment to provide the most resilient and cost effective DR environment.

We do all this with a lens that is focused on a long term relationship.  It’s why we’ve been in business during a historic shift in technology and a perilous economic environment.  We look forward to serving our clients for the next decade and seeing the results of efforts in the mutual success of our organizations.