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Cima Blog - Hybrid cloud: Understanding the benefits, and making your move

By now, you’ve probably learned at least something about the potential benefits of moving your IT systems to the cloud, and perhaps you’re already thinking of how to go about making the move. At the same time, exploring the cloud has most likely led you to realize that it isn’t a good fit for all of your workloads. This is where the concept of the hybrid cloud comes into play. By joining one or more public cloud instances together with private cloud or on premises systems, you’ll be able to design a complete integrated IT infrastructure that capitalizes on the best aspects of all its individual parts.

virtual cio staffing

Interviews are now a thing of the past. Let CimaCare introduce you to the future of Staff Augmentation and Virtual CIOs.

You need a CIO to provide your business with critical insights and strategy. But you don’t have weeks to invest in identifying, recruiting, and training one. CimaCare Managed Services can provide high level thought leadership on an as-needed basis as well as staffing resources for a variety of support needs.

Disaster Recovery blog

When we think of catastrophe’s like car accidents or fatal illnesses we tend to think “that’s what always happens to other people”.  Because of this, we are shocked when these things happen to us but the important thing to remember is that to someone else, you and I are the other people that these happen to.  It’s no different with our IT environments.  If you don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place now, part of your justification may be that you think it will never happen to you but the reality is that disaster can strike anywhere and doesn’t always look like we would think it does.

Database Analytics AWS

In a world of increasing connectedness, through social media and the Internet of Things, there seems to be an ever growing pressure for businesses to adopt cloud environments and ITaaS mentalities.  However, many are still skeptical about how the cloud can help their business and even what the cloud is in the first place.  Don’t worry, cloud doesn’t mean that your data is hanging out in those puffy white collections of water vapor in the sky and rain doesn’t send your archived data down the storm drain.  

server, network, desktop management

Attempting to manage their own IT infrastructure is something that gets a lot of business leaders into trouble. Of course, a great IT infrastructure is one of the prerequisites for success in the modern business world, and such an infrastructure isn’t going to manage itself. At the same time, trying to take on this responsibility yourself is a great way to distract yourself from the everyday business responsibilities you should be focusing on instead.

Desktop as a Service

CimaCare Managed Services is a managed services offering serving the Dallas metro area, and we’re dedicated to helping businesses like yours get end-to-end support for their IT needs. In short, if there’s anything you need to drive success in your IT environment, we want to be the one to offer it to you.