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Johnny Alday has been our intern for the majority of this Summer.  He worked for our IT team, focusing mainly on the ins and outs of Cyber Security. Below he has shared some words about his time here at Cima Solutions Group.

A Letter from Johnny,  Our Intern:Cima Internship - Intern Introduction

From my first week here to my last, the issues I was able to solve and the tasks that I dealt with constantly changed and presented new opportunities for me to learn. I started out my internship by taking a course on how Cyber Security relates to the corporate world and what preventative measures small businesses should take. After that,  I focused most of my energy on familiarizing myself with Rapid Fire Tool’s application Network Detective. I learned how to run the program on many different platforms and how to generate helpful reports for our clients.

Working with the Network Detective application took up the majority of my time here at Cima Solutions Group. It took time, and patience,  to learn how to use it, but that is how the majority of things work in the IT world. Everything is self-taught/Google-able which helped introduce me to the particular environment that the IT industry creates,  and betters for that matter. After learning how to run the application remotely on client’s computers and what precautions need to be taken, I then learned how to translate everything into layman’s terms. The crowd here at Cima IT would understand the report if I were to copy and paste it to a word document, but the majority of everyday business men and women would not be able to see the problems or the potential resolution,  lacking the material to know how to fix it. That’s our responsibility,  and I’m glad I had the opportunity to learn about this kind of management.

Learning how to take certain issues from the Network Detective reports and translate them over so that anyone could read them, and immediately know how to fix them or where to get help,  was one of the biggest things I took away from this internship. Technology runs the world today and, for the most part, everyone has it available to them. So, naturally, problems present themselves daily. Cima has taught me how important the cyber world is today and how it helps everybody every day,  everywhere.

I enjoyed my time as an intern very much and learned a lot about the IT industry and how it works. It is constantly growing and it’s good to stay on the proactive side. That is what Cima does here and they taught me how data is configured and translated,  and how much of our technology is complex, although interconnected and valuable. I was taught the importance of staying ahead of the curve.  Thank you, Cima,  I appreciate all that you did for me this Summer.

Stay in touch,  Johnny!  We appreciated YOU.

Madison Hardy

Madison Hardy

Marketing Execution Leader at Cima Solutions Group
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