Technology is Turning the Tides for K-12

Technology is turning the tides for grades K-12,  and we are here to continue implementing this wave of success. Cima works to limit complications and costs,  further creating the right solution for the structures of your business.  

According to the Gallup 2017 Survey of K-12 School District Superintendents, a majority of district leaders report that the greatest challenges facing their schools are budget shortfalls and assisting students whose achievement is impacted by socioeconomic conditions.

Even more challenging, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities , is the reduction in funding across the board with Arkansas only seeing a 2% increase and neighboring States like Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana seeing double digit reductions.

K-12 Technology - Cima Solutions

Cima Can Help K-12: 

Cima understands these challenges and is bringing together technologies to drive down cost and provide insight into student academic achievement.



Institutional Analytics via Splunk:

  • By monitoring the machine data from your IT infrastructure, IT administrators can understand if the infrastructure is being utilized properly, gain insights that help ensure infrastructure uptime and receive alerts when issues occur.
  • By taking the guesswork out of correlations across data types, giving administrators insights into digital resource consumption and the ability to identify any correlations between resource usage and student success.
  • By enabling IT administrators to track connectivity to minimize network downtime and ensure that school networks are meeting expectations.
  • By collecting the data generated by your infrastructure and correlating it with student grade data, administrators can identify schools with successful students and evaluate the tools and techniques used by that school to replicate them across the district. Tracking the success of students after implementing the new techniques can help optimize student performance.


Low in cost, Low in complication infrastructure via Nutanix:

  • Start with small deployments and grow as needed, incrementally.
  • The platform’s ease of configuration lets you roll out as budgets permit – by campus, by department, or by grade.
  • Non-disruptive upgrades and all-inclusive software remove numerous points of failure, reducing the need for maintenance and the likelihood of outages.
  • The platform’s small footprint yields lower cooling and power costs.
Leisa Sims

Leisa Sims

Territory Client Director at Cima Solutions Group
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She has extensive experience working with customers in several verticals including Digital, Hospitality, Medical, Manufacturing, Distribution, Insurance/Payer, and Financialas well as complex State/Local Government/Education customers.

Most importantly, she is committed to improving the value equity of each customers' IT organization by defining the right innovation, not the right box.
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