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CimaCare Managed Services is a managed services offering serving the Dallas metro area, and we’re dedicated to helping businesses like yours get end-to-end support for their IT needs. In short, if there’s anything you need to drive success in your IT environment, we want to be the one to offer it to you.

One of the key IT challenges facing business leaders today is building an effective business continuity plan. Of course, you can’t control the external factors that might harm your business, but you can build an effective data backup and recovery plan to account for them. That being said, such a plan is only effective if it protects all of your data, and is able to restore all that data quickly in the aftermath of a disaster. Many business leaders, including those that consider their businesses well protected, simply have no idea whether or not the backup plan for their data is actually up to the task it was designed for.

That’s why CimaCare Managed Services makes testing the cornerstone of everything we do when it comes to backup and disaster recovery. By working with us, you’ll get data protection you can feel confident about, because the results have already been proven.

Our services include:

  • Backup as a service: Planning, monitoring, and regular testing services
  • Disaster recovery as a service: Literally everything you need to keep data safe and ensure business continuity, tested on an annual basis

Get Prepared with CimaCare

Our services remove a key source of worry for business leaders, and empower them to focus more of their time on actually running their businesses. Visit our CimaCare – Be Prepared page to learn more and put us to work for you.

– John

John Alday

John Alday

John Alday is the CEO of Cima Solutions Group. His professional experience includes twelve years at IBM Corporation performing various sales and sales management duties including Business Unit Executive in IBM’s MidMarket sales organization. He served as a Regional Vice President of Sales for Onyx Software, an enterprise CRM software company and General Manager for an IBM Business Partner firm. He started Cima Solutions Group in 2005 with the focus on delivering reliable and efficient IT solutions that create financial value for the clients they serve. In 2012, John co-founded Cowork Suites, a company that brings multi-tenancy and resource sharing concepts to the workplace environment through coworking.
John Alday