Industry leading data storage and technical service solutions including FalconStor, Nutanix, Tegile, and Unitrends related services and products.



Contact Information

Contact to discuss solution offerings and obtain quotes.

Ron Jones
GM, State of Texas
Phone: 512-608-2164
Fax: 214.513.3075

How to Place an Order

  • Generate a purchase order, made payable to Cima Solutions Group, LTD. Note:  You must reference Contract Number DIR-TSO-2637 on your purchase order
  • Fax your purchase order and quote forms to 866-259-0320

Contract Overview Information

Visit the DIR web sites below to see the ICT and DIR-TSO-2637.

DIR Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Cooperative Contracts Program

DIR-TSO-2637 Contract Overview

To access PDF files, use the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Standard Terms and Conditions 2637 – This appendix contains the standard DIR Terms and Conditions for the contract as of the date identified. Any initial exceptions to these Terms will be contained in the original contract.  All subsequent changes or updates to the Terms and Conditions will be reflected in contract amendments.

HUB Subcontracting Plan (HSP) 2637 – The purpose of the HUB Program is to promote full and equal business opportunities for all businesses in State contracting in accordance with the goals specified in the State of Texas Disparity Study.  The HSP identifies all authorized resellers and/or all subcontractors performing services.

Pricing 2637 – Pricing for available products and/or services under this contract are limited to those identified in the appendix.

DIR Co-Op Contract Program Overview

DIR Contact Information

Deana Loe
Phone: 512-463-0687
Fax: 512-475-4759

Product List and General Pricing

Warranty and Return Policies

The warranty and return policies for the product we offer are based off the manufacturer warranty and return policies and vary based on each product.  For information on any product, please see the individual policies for Nutanix, Unitrends, Tintri, Tegile, and Falconstor.