Yes, I’ve bought my last server. I’m deploying a Cloud First strategy for all new business needs.


The riddle goes like this: Five frogs were sitting on a log and one decided to jump off.  How many frogs remain?  The answer lies in the nuance between deciding to do something and doing it.  The answer is five! Just because the frog decided he was jumping guarantees nothing.  Taking flight is the guarantee!

So you have decided to take a “Cloud First” strategy.  That’s great, you will evaluate cloud for every new technology investment that comes up.  But that guarantees nothing.  It’s that first time that you decide to implement a solution in the cloud where flight starts.  To that end, we’ve compiled a list of jump off points that can assist you in taking that first step.

  • Data Center Moves – Troy Otillio, cloud strategist at Intuit, initiated their cloud first strategy when they had to move a strategic workload from one data center to another.  They didn’t have the capacity at the new data center so they moved it to Amazon.

  • Disaster Recovery – Darren Person, CTO of Elsevier, stated in an interview with Jake Gardner of Logicworks “When you think about the cloud, this type of situation poses an amazing opportunity. Let me try to explain – rather than having to manage another data center and taking on the full cost burden that comes with it, I can stand up a small percentage of my existing infrastructure (for data replication and code refreshes) in the cloud and scale out only in the event of a real emergency. So if you think about that alone, there is a huge cost savings to be had just on DR for those focused on things like business continuity.   With that, DR was clearly the first area of consideration for us.”

  • Big Data –  When you combine Big and Data together, word association takes me to “Big Money”.  Cloud technology and it’s elasticity model provide the ideal environment for your next Big Data project.  Softlayer provides Big Data Hosting, Amazon Web Services has Big Data on AWS and Microsoft offers Azure HDInsight as its Big Data Solution

  • Email – If you haven’t looked recently, it’s time to revist moving your email to the cloud.  With Bring Your Own Desktop continuing to move in to the enterprise and end users demanding access to their email on any device and anywhere they are located, cloud based email is just a matter of time for your organization.  Microsoft’s O365 and Google Apps for Business are the gorillas in this market and are worth taking a look at.

There are multiple other local jumps in to the cloud just waiting for you to pounce on.  Cima’s RightCloud assessment will assist you in determining which one is right for your organization.  Now that you decided to jump, it’s time to exercise those legs and make it happen!

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