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Cima Solutions Group presents simplified, cost-effective solutions that will ensure your data is accurate, manageable, and accessible – so your business can mitigate risk and boost productivity. Knowing how to effectively leverage technology options and solutions is crucial to reducing cost and protecting data. We deliver reliable and efficient IT solutions that create financial value for our clients.

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Cost Savings and More with Virtualization You Can Extend into the Cloud

Though cloud technologies and solutions are far more advanced than at their inception a few years ago — the journey toward cloud computing requires considerable planning. It is important to understand how virtualization and automation can minimize overhead, reduce cost, maximize network bandwidth, allow flexibility to scale, and enhance productivity through collaboration.  Technologies such as server virtualization, VDI, cloud based email, and mobile device management solutions are putting the end user in control, fostering an interdependent relationship among IT leaders and business executives.

Handling Exponential Data Growth By Optimizing Storage Utilization

There are some essential storage technologies that need to be considered when developing and designing a storage infrastructure strategy.  It is important to understand which one(s) will provide a cost effective, reliable and robust solution without performance degradation, or operational inefficiency. The RightStor workshop will teach you how a well thought out strategy will allow you to successfully reap the advantages of using storage virtualization, automated data tiering, deduplication, hybrid storage and other storage technologies in your infrastructure.

Avoid Having an Outage and Minimize the Impact of a Disaster

There are vital IT operational processes that are required to keep a company running during an outage  or a disaster. The resiliency of an IT infrastructure is based on its ability to protect data, preventing it from being lost, and to ensure recovery of accurate data in a timely manner. As data continues to rapidly grow, so does the amount of data that is needed to be protected, backed up and recovered. There is an advantage to an IT professional who has discovered how technologies such as deduplication, continuous data protection, and data replication can significantly reduce the impact of a disaster or unplanned outage to the business.

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