Contain the Cost of a Critical Outage
Faster Restoration After a Disaster
No Single Points of Failure Through Replication
Protect Critical Assests and Mission-Critical Applications

On Target Uptime Solutions

IT executives and professionals partake a vital role in the overall success in the company’s bottom line. With the impeding explosive growth of data and the use of non-traditional desktop devices, mid-size business professionals have more on the line when it comes to data protection and IT resiliency than ever before. Disruption to a business due to an impactful event can be very costly from a revenue generation and cost to recover perspectives, which can be fatal to a mid-size business.

The challenge to determine what is the right, cost effective solution for my infrastructure>  The answer may be found by participating in the RightSafe process hosted and facilitated by Cima Solutions Group.  

To learn more, please take a moment to watch a short video explaining our RightSafe process featuring our RightSafe expert, Ken Scott.

The RightSafe Benefits

Building a resilient IT infrastructure that consist of automated disaster recovery advantages is the greatest benefit you can gain from the RightSafe experience. The absolute most proactive activity any mid-size business can perform in order to maintain IT resilience is to plan in advance so you can quickly adapt to the unexpected, and obtain the least amount of disruption at the lowest possible cost.  That is what Cima can help you do very well, as we partner to design a plan that will allow your company to efficiently and effectively:

  • Contain the cost of a critical outage that can severely affect business operations
  • Protect critical data assets and mission-critical applications
  • Maintain a continuous running business with a faster recovery during and after a disaster
  • Minimize the problem of a single point of failure by using data replication
  • Immediately resume important business operations such as workgroups, call centers and help desks

What Next?

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