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Effective Data Management Using Deduplication

On Target Storage Solutions

End-user requirements have changed. Now, IT professionals are faced with the challenge of determining which of the latest storage technologies being developed today will solve their data problems.  Flourishing innovative solutions such as solid state disk, cloud storage, hybrid storage and automatic tiering are gaining prominence in the industry at a very rapid pace.   Utilizing flash memory as cache in storage offers exciting promise, while evolving backup and recovery technologies in the form of deduplication and compression are helping IT professionals reduce overall storage spend.

What is the right, cost effective solution for my infrastructure? The answer may be found by participating in the RightStor process hosted and facilitated by Cima Solutions Group.

To learn more, please take a moment to watch a short video explaining our RightStor process featuring our RightStor expert, Ken Scott.

The RightStor Benefits

The ultimate result of  RightStor is for the Cima team to produce a recommendation, complete with technical and financial analysis. In this solution-focused discussion you will learn how to:

What Next?

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