Tiering is the process of moving data between different tiers of storage devices dependent upon the activity of the data, measured by the frequency of data access. Automated Data Tiering is the automated movement of data among different tiers of storage devices, along with the monitoring of how data is used, and the determination of which data should be on what tier of storage

Addressing Poor Application Performance Due to Poor Allocation of Data

Automated Data Tiering relieves the stress of resolving poor performing applications, increased purchases for storage technology, and increased operational cost to manage the constant change in data and implementation of new storage technologies due to swift data growth.  Alignment of data is heavily depend how it is utilized over its life cycle.  As it ages, the reuse of that same data significantly declines, while at a given point and time, that same data can increase its value to the business.  Furthermore, some industry and compliance changes require certain data to be kept much longer than originally anticipated.

A Resolution That Improves Processing Data Utilization

Automated Data Tiering moves less frequently used and aged data to less expensive and slower storage devices, while moving the most frequently used and mission-critical data to faster, high performance storage devices, which are typically more expensive.  It allows the IT professional to have the savvy ability to allocate data to the most cost-effective storage device, resulting in optimized application performance and improved operational efficiency.


If you are pursuing methods to improve data and application performance, purchase less storage andRightx - RightStor Workshop - Click significantly enhance storage management, then you could benefit from a review of how your business can use automated data tiering to  enhance your storage management processes, boost application and backup performance, and reduce storage expenditures, by going through our RIGHTSTOR process.

In the RIGHTSTOR WORKSHOP  at Cima, our approach stimulates joint collaboration to create a blueprint which reflects your objectives and ideal infrastructure vision that will address your business needs.  We will allow you to discover how to improve operational efficiency and reduce cost through exploring available alternatives, and create an action plan for you to seamlessly incorporate automated data tiering technologies into your infrastructure.

The Value of Automated Data Tiering

Having an Automated Data Tiering technology gives you the convenience of moving low utilized data onto a less expensive storage technology, and only have highly utilized data, that requires immediate access, on premium storage technology.

For the IT Professional

The need for administrators to monitor data movement activities and identify changes in data usage is eliminated.

It allows the IT professional to proactively predict, plan, and schedule known data activities versus react in a crisis situation.

The ability to select only the active data for the daily backup resulting in a reduced backup window time frame.

For the Company

Improved data and application performance based on end user utilization.

Less expenditures are made on storage technologies, ensuring maximum efficiency of storage by using fewer, higher speed disks.

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