What is Data Deduplication?

Deduplication is a storage-optimization method that reduces storage technology needs by eliminating multiple copies of redundant data. In this process, duplicate data is deleted, leaving only one unique instance of the data to be stored. Copies of the redundant data are replaced, and indexed by a reference to the unique data copy, called a ‘pointer.’

Addressing An Inefficient Backup Operation…

Regardless of the amount of data growth anticipated, all data needs to be backed up, as there is an urgent priority to recover end user data with expediency and accuracy. The complexness of trying to design and manage a smooth and efficient backup operation, as the massive stream of data from multiple sources flows continuously, can be disruptive and frustrating.

A Resolution that Saves Storage…

Deduplication offers relief, as it identifies a unique instance of the data to save at the block or file level.

The RIGHTSTOR Workshop Makes Sense…

 If you are concerned with the possibility of having lost unrecoverable or accurate data during an unplannedRightx - RightStor Workshop - Click outage or disaster, or spending excess dollars to fund additional disk, tape or network technologies to meet backup and recovery time requirements, then you may discover by going through our RIGHTSTOR process to  a consider deduplication solution can provide quite a bit of comfort.

In the RIGHTSTOR WORKSHOP  at Cima, our approach stimulates joint collaboration to create a blueprint which reflects your objectives and ideal infrastructure vision that will address your business needs.  We will allow you to discover how to improve operational efficiency and reduce cost through exploring available alternatives, and create an action plan for you to seamlessly incorporate the right deduplication technologies into your infrastructure.

The Value of Data Deduplication

For the IT professional

For the IT professional, data deduplication technologies delivers improved backup performance, shortening backup windows allowing IT to meet SLAs. Better operational effectiveness and efficiency is gained, while maximizing the utilization of current storage resources to save expenses.

For the Company

Data deduplication technologies offer significant savings for a company in the areas of power and energy due to fewer space requirements, and fewer storage acquisitions — as fewer disk and tape resources will be needed.

There is improved data and application response because redundant data is no longer being transmitted across the WAN. Additional savings will be reaped as the need for expensive network upgrades to handle increased data traffic is reduced.

Also, the company will see faster recovery of data as there is less data to transfer as a result of the deduplication process.

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