What is Hybrid Storage?

Hybrid storage systems are a new classification of primary data storage which combines DRAM memory, Flash technology, and large capacity disks, with advanced function software capabilities.

Addressing Exponential Growth and Performance Limitations

Hybrid storage systems address a number of issues within today’s IT environment.  Consider traditional legacy disk-based solutions.  Not only do they have  performance limitations due to their dependence on spinning disks for IOPs, but also disk-based storage systems occupy a large data center footprint, and require a lot of power consumption to keep cool. With the changes in end-user data access and usage, the exponential data growth results in larger, more complex disk storage configurations.  Therefore as storage systems grow in size and number, they eventually become more difficult to effectively manage.

An Exclusive Resolution

Hybrid storage systems use Flash technology in the form of Solid State Disks (SSDs) to deliver high performance to business critical applications, while incorporating large capacity disks to address larger data storage repositories. Intelligent algorithms within Hybrid storage systems move active data to the Flash Technology Tier, allowing for lower-accessed data to reside on low cost, larger capacity disks.

The combination of Flash technology, large capacity disks, and automated data movement, allows for businesses to more effectively address the concurrent needs for performance and capacity. In addition, Hybrid systems also utilize intelligent data reduction technologies such as compression, de-duplication, thin provisioning, and instant copy (snapshot) to further reduce the footprint, without sacrificing performance, availability, or data integrity.


If you are experiencing management challenges associated with performance or capacity limitations onRightx - RightStor Workshop - Click existing systems, or are looking to reduce the power necessary to support the infrastructure, then you may discover by going through our RIGHTSTOR process, that hybrid storage is the right solution.

In the RIGHTSTOR WORKSHOP at Cima, our approach stimulates joint collaboration to create a blueprint which reflects your objectives and ideal infrastructure vision that will address your business needs.  We will allow you to discover how to improve operational efficiency and reduce cost through exploring available alternatives, and create an action plan for you to incorporate Hybrid storage into your infrastructure.

The Value of Hybrid Storage Solutions

For the majority of businesses, Hybrid systems deliver performance in excess of 20,000 IOPs, and as many as 200,000 IOPs – which might have required hundreds to thousands of disks to achieve with a legacy disk storage architecture.  The intelligence in the software within Hybrid systems ensures active data is readily available in the higher performing Flash technology layer.

Hybrid systems’ data reduction capabilities offer a reduction in the physical space needed to store an “effective” capacity of data.  The end result is storing more data on less hardware – which has the ancillary benefit of smaller footprints, less power, and a smaller infrastructure to manage.

For the IT Professional

For the IT professional, Hybrid systems deliver on the promise of performance without sacrificing availability or data integrity. Their turn-key designs include all advanced functions, such as data reduction, data tiering, and data replication, and are managed through an intuitive user interface, which simplifies common user  tasks.

For the Company

Hybrid systems allow companies to do more with less.  With Hybrid systems in place, companies are better prepared to address the unpredictable nature of business, and address those challenges with existing resources.

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