About Us

Reliable, efficient IT solutions that create financial value

Company Overview

Cima Solutions Group was born out of a vision to help government entities and business owners by reducing the costs of their technology infrastructure. The premise was that if we can optimize our client’s IT environment, they could they could focus their client’s investments on delivering service and value to their constituents.

Many years later, we have proven that formula to be true time and again. The means have changed from strictly server focus to now a storage and cloud focus, but the ends are still the same -- we deliver reliable and efficient IT solutions that create financial value for our clients.

Expertise That Goes Beyond Technical Knowledge

Cima staff are certified in various aspects of IT and bring relevant, practical experience to our clients. Our organization has helped companies of all sizes simplify their infrastructure, streamline their IT operations, and improve their system availability.


Excellence In Service

Our business model emphasizing service and support during all phases of the sales cycle has demonstrated proven results, and was a key reason Cima has received numerous awards and national recognition.