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Migrate your data and network to the cloud to let your staff work from anywhere
on any internet-enabled device

Scalable, Flexible, Efficient IT Environments That Meet Business Needs

Cloud solutions are quickly becoming the preferred IT model for many businesses. It delivers enhanced efficiency, flexibility, reliability, and scalability. However, successful cloud solutions need to be architectured and delivered along with strong security and access controls, adherence to compliance requirements, and close alignment to the enterprise requirements.

Current Challenges

IT leaders are constantly under pressure to transform IT from a cost center into an innovation and profit enabler. By adopting cloud technology, companies can be more agile, nimble, and flexible with their operations.

Cloud computing provides an opportunity to modernize legacy environments and applications, move from CapEx to OpEx, reduce the data center footprint, and deliver more innovative solutions to customers, faster.

CIMA’s Cloud Solutions

We start by helping our clients create a cloud strategy that meets their business requirements and aligns with long-term goals. Once that is firmly established, we help them execute and manage their cloud implementation across the entire IT lifecycle. Our cloud capabilities include consulting, design, migration, integration and managed services, all around the following solutions:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) – Gain the latest computing technology while reducing costs.
  • Hybrid and Multi Cloud – Streamline IT operations at a fraction of the cost of implementing traditional and public cloud solutions.
  • Backup as a Service – Leverage cloud technologies to securely backup business data.
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) – A robust DR environment in a subscription-based offering.
  • Managed Cloud – We provide a fully managed offering which includes every type of cloud storage.

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