Cima Referral Program - Favor for Favors!

We are honored you took the time to refer us to someone. In return for your favor, we will offer you one in return from Favor and have a great dinner of your choosing delivered to you and your family on a night you select. Just submit the referral below and we will send you a form to complete for your dinner order. Thank you for thinking of us!

Your privacy is something that we take seriously and we promise not to give out your contact information to any third parties. Please complete this form for your referral, or send link to this page for them to complete.  We will be sure to contact them promptly.  Once they are validated as a qualified referral, we will send you a form to place your dinner order.  This program is limited to Cima Clients, Friends, and Business Partners only.

I'm interested in:

Dallas/Fort Worth

118 Lynn Avenue, Suite 300
Lewisville, TX 75057
Phone: 972.499.8260


43 Rainey Street, #1702
Austin, TX 78701
Phone: 512.394.3187