Feliciano Financial Group

Feliciano Financial Group, has spent the past 28 years developing a holistic approach to wealth management that supports their client base as their trusted advisors — ready to assist in the areas of retirement, investments, insurance, business, and tax and estate planning. The pillars of their holistic planning approach are Advance Planning and Client Relationship Management.

In the Fall of 2012, Kelly Miller (Director of Information Technology) came to Cima to discuss options for improving some performance issues they had been experiencing which were impacting daily activities for their end users. Kelly had isolated the performance issue to their storage environment.

He participated in a Cima RightStor workshop to share with our experts what his current environment consisted of, combined with performance expectations and future requirements. As a result of this workshop, Cima was able to architect a solution leveraging Hybrid Storage Technology from Tegile Systems. The combination of Solid State and Spinning disk offered FFG the performance they needed to drive their virtualized server and VDI environment. The inline deduplication and compression capabilities offered them the capacity they needed at a price suitable for a mid-market company. With this, Cima and Kelly were able to develop the required business case to support this investment in optimized infrastructure.

“We deployed this technology with the help of Cima and Tegile in a matter of days in the winter of 2012. We have seen the performance issues disappear and we are getting a 5:1 inline data reduction ratio. We looked at several options to address this issue. We made the right choice with Cima and Tegile.” Kelly Miller, Director of Information Technology

So if you are in East Texas, give Kelly a call to see Tegile in action, or better yet, check out one of their various Wealth Management Events or Workshops and be well informed.