When PointBank, Denton County’s independent and locally owned community bank since 1884, went looking to deploy the infrastructure for their CoreSoft application, they didn’t look any further then down the street from their Lewisville branch office to Cima Solutions Group.

In late 2012, PointBank decided on revamping their core system and chose vSoft’s CoreSoft application. As development progressed, the need for the infrastructure to support the application became an urgent concern. PointBank was in need of an infrastructure that would not only handle the performance requirements over the next 10 years but one that would also be highly available. Cima Solutions Group was chosen to architect and deploy the production infrastructure based.

Using Cima’s core principle of “Simplification to promote availability” – Cima architected a private cloud solution that consisted of IBM System x servers, IBM Storwize V3700 storage, VMware vSphere with Operations Management Acceleration Kit and VEEAM Backup and Replication. Given that the underlying infrastructure was virtualized, it allowed for the deployment of a cost effective DR infrastructure. The cost of the solution proved to be significantly less than a typical vSoft hardware deployment, true to Cima’s mission statement of delivering reliable and efficient IT solutions that create financial value for our clients.

“We were confident that Cima’s approach was best for this strategic project” said Greg Johnson, Chief Information Technology Officer. “We evaluated the pros and cons of other solutions and given the knowledge and expertise Cima brought us, we decided the private cloud approach was the right fit.”

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