TigerFlow Systems

Based out of Dallas, Texas, Tigerflow Systems LLC is an industry leading manufacturer of engineered packaged pumping systems for a wide range of different markets including plumbing, industrial, fire, HVAC, irrigation and much more. Their entire business model has been dedicated to providing innovative solutions to global water challenges through custom design, engineering and excellent sales support – but recently, leadership at Tigerflow realized that they were facing a number of significant challenges of their own.

Because Tigerflow only employs about 60 people across its vast company, they have to outsource a significant portion of their business support services – this includes marketing, IT and others. Unfortunately, over time this created something of a gap that Tigerflow needed to fill. Tigerflow’s previous IT provider was unable to act as a fractional CIO – someone who, along with the company’s Vice President of Sales and their CEO, were mission-critical in terms of reviewing Tigerflow’s business needs on a quarterly basis.

Without the type of insight and visibility that only a Chief Information Officer could provide, Tigerflow was hardly in a position to identify the opportunities for things like infrastructure optimization and organizational services needs necessary to continue to grow and evolve in the ways that they needed to. Suddenly, one problem became three – and it was clear that something had to be done.

In an effort to address the needs that their previous providers were simply unable to, Tigerflow partnered with Cima Solutions Group – industry experts who are literally in the business of the type of IT optimization that Tigerflow was looking for.

The Solution

My very first business review with John [Alday] and Todd [Brown] was eye opening” said Manny Rodriguez, CEO of Tigerflow. “They sent me an email with an attachment that contained a breakdown of everything that Tigerflow needed not in terms of IT, but as a business. I was still thinking about what IT could do from the technology side of the equation, not what IT could empower us to do as a business moving forward. It really changed my perspective on a lot of things.”

John Alday, CEO of Cima Solutions Group and Todd Brown, Cima’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing instantly developed a close relationship with Manny Rodriguez as they worked to identify the most pressing challenges that Tigerflow was currently facing. The team worked hard to contextualize not just certain issues that Tigerflow was having in terms of individual IT problems, but the ripple effect that those IT problems created across the organization. Cima was then able to recommend proactive steps that would enable Tigerflow to do more in their business by enabling and transforming them with not just technology, but the right technology for the right job at exactly the right time.

When we sat down to meet with Manny, I saw something that is incredibly common in these types of meetings – he was still focused on solving IT problems instead of how IT can be used to solve business problems” said John Alday. “This subtle shift in perspective really is enlightening for a lot of people and we saw it happen at Tigerflow right in front of our eyes.”

The group began to dive deep into not only the IT-related problems that Tigerflow was having, but the genuine business case that made them such critical factors to address in the first place. Even something as simple as improving Wi-Fi connection strength and signal speeds in certain areas of the Tigerflow offices is about more than just allowing employees faster Internet access – it’s about what that Internet access and that newfound sense of mobility then allows them to do in terms of providing value for their own customers.

One of the really exciting things about what we do is shattering the myth of some ‘one size fits all’ approach to IT” said Todd Brown. “Every business is unique and it has its own unique challenges and we’re focused on finding equally unique approaches to IT to help optimize and organization to put them in the best possible position to address those challenges how they need, when they need, no exceptions. That’s exactly what we were able to do for Tigerflow and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the results.”

The Outcome

In the end, the team at Cima was able to do for Tigerflow what they do for so many other clients through their CimaCare Managed IT Services offering. This solution gives them the tools, the perspective and the insight necessary to stop seeing IT as a means to an end and instead start seeing it as the first step towards something bigger and more important in the long-run.

Together, both Cima and Tigerflow were able to take a true look at the type of business Tigerflow was, the type of business it needed to be in the future and how the enabling and transforming power of modern IT could help get them there in the most straightforward and efficient ways possible.

Now, Tigerflow’s on IT infrastructure is properly aligned with its long-term objectives as an organization for possibly the first time ever.