Have you bought your last server?

The Egg and I restaurant opened up in Flower Mound, TX last year. Great place for breakfast or lunch if you are in the area. About a mile or so away is an Einstein Bros Bagels - I’m a fan of the poppy seed bagel. And a mile or so away from there is a First Choice Emergency Room. For those that haven’t lived in the area the past 10 years, there really is no significance to those locations. For me, its a constant reminder of change and adaptability. What do they all have in common – they were my Blockbuster stores.

Some time ago, probably 2008 or so, I paid my last late fee from a video rental. I knew the time was coming, I was already a happy Netflix customer. If you had asked me in 2004 though, I would have said you are crazy! I had a category in Quicken for the late fees at Blockbuster (my wife was notorious for her late fee prowess!). By 2008, my video rental days were over. By 2013, theDish Network announced they were closing all Blockbuster stores and I had more choice for breakfast.

So, Have you bought your last server? For small businesses with email, communications, file serving and accounting needs – if you answered no to that question, email me. There is absolutely no reason you should own a server. We will offer a free study to show you how to move your computing needs to the cloud. Seriously, email me today.

For mid size to large enterprises and government entities, in all likelihood you are going to answer no. Through our RightCloud workshop, we will head you down the path of answering the question by stating:

"Yes, I've bought my last server...

As a disclaimer, we sell servers today and we’ll be selling servers for a long time. As a second disclaimer, we sell cloud solutions today and we’ll be selling cloud solutions for a long time. We don’t intend on being eaten for breakfast!

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