TechUntapped – Beer+Science w/ Audacity Brewing Company

For many years now, IT and great craft beer have gone hand in hand with one another. This isn't just because many IT professionals enjoy drinking a quality craft beer or two after work; there's actually a lot of technology required to brew great beer. Watch our latest TechUntapped: Beer + Science Speaks video featuring Audacity Brew House in Denton, Texas. Great breweries like Audacity rely on the capabilities provided by CimaCare to enable them to focus on what they do best... making beer!

Like many business leaders, the people behind Audacity Brew House would rather focus their time an energy on doing what their business does best—beer, in this case—and less of it worrying about building a great IT infrastructure. However, the fact remains that Audacity and many other businesses like it need great IT before they can have a great business. A Dallas managed services provider like CimaCare can handle things from the the IT side, so that business leaders are freed up to do what they do best.

At Cima Solution Group, the reason that we decided to start our Cima TechUntapped program—aside from the fact that we love great beer just as much as anyone—is that craft brewers provide such a great metaphor for business as a whole. As the video shows, there are so many different variables involved with creating a great beer, from temperature to yeast makeup to oxygenation levels. In order to create beer that is consistent from one batch to another, the brewers working behind the scenes at Audacity Brew House have to make sure that each and every one of these variables is properly accounted for during the brewing process.

Keeping up with every little thing that makes a specific beer what it is certainly isn't easy; doing so without the kind of powerful, managed technology that CimaCare provides would be nearly impossible. We're proud to help connect our business partners like Audacity Brew House with the IT resources they need to create a great business, while also removing the burden and expense of building and managing an IT infrastructure for themselves. For the team at Audacity, who view themselves as part scientists and part artists, knowing that the IT side of things will work the way they need it to without any need for them to take a hands-on role is absolutely essential to their business goals.

So, sit back, grab a cold one if you can, and watch our latest TechUntapped video featuring Audacity Brew House. We think it will give you a new appreciation for all the work and thought that goes into creating the beer that you know and love. We think you may never go to the bar again without sparing just a small moment to think about the role that technology played in making it all happen.

If you're interested in learning how managed services can help your business excel at the intersection of art and science, just like Audacity Brew House has, then we invite you to learn more about CimaCare and to reach out to us at Cima Solutions Group today. Regardless of what your business makes or does, managed services from CimaCare can help make it better.

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