Nutanix .NEXT 2018 Conference Musings

Nutanix .NEXT 2018 Conference Musings

The Future of HyperConverged Infrastructure.

My mother taught me that who I keep company with tells others a lot about who you are. As a technology solutions provider, those "friends" are the innovators we partner with. Those partnerships forge our identity:

  • "We are an IBM Gold Partner"
  • "We are a VMware Enterprise Solutions Provider"
  • "We are a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider".
  • "We are a VEEAM Cloud Service Provider"

A few years ago we decided to partner with Nutanix. My mother would be so proud of me because Nutanix has turned out to be a great friend! I had the opportunity to go to their annual conference this past week and walked away having an even greater appreciation for my BFF. What Nutanix did is truly blur the line between on and off premises computing. You might as well add another letter to HCI and make it HHCI - HyperHybridConverged Infrastructure (and no, MJBizConNEXT did not petition to change it to HIGHperconverged). To see their vision in action is to truly see what IT will be 5 years from now - a software defined multi-cloud, multi-premises environment where the role of IT is to accelerate digital transformation.

To catch up on what was announced, I recommend the following reads:

Thank you my friend Nutanix! You truly are a great role model and someone I'm proud to call a partner. Keep up the pace and continue to challenge us - my mother thanks you as well!

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