What Is Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery?

What Is Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery?


Are you looking for a way to protect your IT systems once and for all? Do you need data backup and recovery services at your doorstep yesterday? With managed backup and data recovery services, we’re right there to assist you with any of your technological needs. Without our services, your company may remain vulnerable to security breaches, natural disasters, malware/hackers, and lost wages. How quickly can you recover your data operations after they’ve decided to take a trip south? Outages might be hampering your employee productivity without you even knowing it – that’s why we offer complete protection for all of your most important systems, data, and personal information.

The Steps We Take to Secure Your Company

Offering the most complete recovery of all your data involves being thorough from the very start. This means that we design our IT plans with your business in mind – custom offsite information storage means that each plan we create is personalized for your company. We begin with the most basic measure of saving important data - backing it up.

If your system ends up going down, have no fear for what will happen next – simply call our data recovery planning and strategy team to schedule the implementation of an IT plan.

If there is any server downtime, rest assured that your company will also face fewer disruptions – because we provide services quickly to get you back on track, downtime is quickly resolved no matter what the case may be. In addition, you can expect to experience the joy of having a company that only charges a flat monthly fee for dozens of services by your side. Truly predictable budgeting can be yours by working with us.

We can help you plan for many kinds of emergencies, including the loss of data through a hard drive crash or user error, a fire or flood impacting a server or external hard drive, electronic theft or a security breach, accidental file deletion, damaged physical IT equipment, and corrupted file backups.

Eating into your bottom line can be avoided, and optimal business productivity often depends on how well your networking services can perform when compared to those of your competitors.

Our solutions are precisely sized to give your company the guarantee of full data recovery no matter what. With completely managed data backup and disaster recovery services at your side to protect what you care about most, you can rest assured that our company has yours covered.

The Wonders of Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery

Protect Your Data Without Using Costly Infrastructure

As your company grows, it will most likely need to be protected from ransomware, hackers, security breaches, and even user error. As your business adapts to the ever-growing and changing demands of the internet, protecting your personal data without hiring a full IT support team (which can be costly and is often unnecessary for small to medium-sized businesses) becomes even more important.

That’s where our services come in – we can protect your data without needing to use costly infrastructure that can end up costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Instead, for just a small monthly fee you can have all of the best disaster recovery services managed and taken care of. As data becomes more available online and less available via hard disk, cloud servers become even more important for your business recovery services.

Security and data protection are two challenges our company faces when we recover your most sensitive data. Maintaining mobile productivity is yet another challenge your company must face in the interim of an outage – with cloud-based storage data recovery services, now you can get thousands of dollars in lost productivity back in your business’s bank account.

Remote work – work done by employees making use of public Wi-Fi or on their home networks – has never been easier to monitor thanks to our PC backup services, which are designed to both protect your mobile workforce and keep them operating in a productive manner. This can all be done without the hassle of hiring a full-support IT team.

Why You Should Outsource Your Disaster Recovery Plans

The backing up and restoration of data is no easy task and outsourcing your disaster recovery services to our corporation can free up time for your employees. Businesses looking to have the secure, competitive edge they need to get back up and running after unforeseen circumstances tank their revenue work with us – they know that our disaster recovery services are fantastic for meeting the specific needs of a small to medium-sized business without needing to hire an expensive IT support team.

Our disaster recovery services encompass any variety of potential and unforeseen circumstances, and we aim to tackle the challenges involved with growing your business and protecting your data at the same time. Our processes involve creating a data protection plan that meets your company’s specific needs. We then manage and monitor that program every single day to make sure that your business is prepared for data loss and disaster recovery situations.

Our managed data backup services are chock-full of potential wealth – in the event your business experiences an outage, you can get right back to where you left off faster than you’d be able to otherwise. Lost time is lost money, and outages can translate to thousands of dollars in lost productivity. Outsourcing your disaster recovery plans to our corporation gives your company the peace-of-mind and assuredness it needs to function properly, without fear of a natural disaster ruining someone’s career. We ensure that our programs are executed effectively and swiftly, so that your downtime doesn’t last for days or weeks. Instead, it might last for hours – putting money right back into your pocket when your employees report to work on Monday morning.

How Else Can Managed Data Backup and Recovery Services Benefit Your Company?

Our managed data backup and recovery services can benefit your company in a variety of ways – some being financial, and some being priceless. As a company, our data protection experts will work with you to define the specific needs of your business. These needs may eclipse your backup, recovery, archiving, retention, and disaster recovery capabilities, and that’s where our job becomes important.

Our installation of a customized data protection program to better manage your business continuity works to protect your most sensitive information. An all-in-one, multiple-purpose physical backup appliance is used to store your data – that way, if something like a fire or flood incapacitates your company’s physical location, your personal and business data remain safe. In addition, we upload and monitor your data backups to the cloud on a daily basis to keep the most current copy of your sensitive data on hand.

Doing this enables us to restore lost servers within seconds – physical dangers are no match for our completely managed data backup and disaster recovery services. What would happen to your business if there were some kind of natural disaster? Would you be able to easily recover your most sensitive information? Or would you be like sitting ducks, waiting for something bad to happen? Rest assured that your pricey (and priceless) data is safe with us and get back to running the other important factions of your company.

How Our Service Works – Our Step-by-Step Guide

  1. We install a physical backup appliance within your network for keeping backups and data restoration quick and easy to conduct.
  2. We then copy, encrypt, and duplicate your data to the cloud – we keep two copies of your data on hand. If one gets destroyed, we always have another.
  3. Your cloud service provider will perform ongoing testing of your data and recovery backups in order to verify two things: firstly that your information is recoverable and secondly that it meets your specified recovery time objective (RTO). Verification for your specified recovery point objective (RPO) is also conducted – we check to make sure that we always have all of your information on file. Your recovery time objective is the amount of time you need your business operations restored within after an outage, while your recovery point objective dictates the amount of information you’d like to have restored.
  4. We also maintain a disaster recovery environment in the cloud for your most sensitive information – keeping two copies of your info allows us to always have a copy of it on hand, should you request it. Keeping a second copy of data on hand is important in case your first copy is somehow compromised and storing it within the cloud ensures that it’s always accessible.
  5. When an outage occurs, information is easily restored from any location – whether it’s your local appliance or from your private cloud storage servers.

If you’re interested in our complete managed backup and disaster recovery services, reach out today! Don’t wait to give us a call or an email – your company could depend on it.

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