RMM | Tech Tools to Increase Effectiveness

Monitoring parts of your business is a good practice as it allows you to get out in front of any potential problem it may have. As IT is concerned, monitoring is a crucial part of ensuring that every part of your business’ computing infrastructure is working as intended.

Break/Fix IT Breaks Budgets | Upsides of Managed Service IT

If you were asked to describe your average tech support experience, chances are that you remember a time when you had to either wait around for the technician to come around, dealing with downtime the entire time; or, worse yet, unplug your technology and schlep it across town to the break/fix store only to be told that it may be done in the next few days (code for over a week). Today, we’ll tell you how managed IT services can keep you from playing the waiting game.

Feed Back for Feedback

Help Us in Helping Our Local Community
Cima Solutions Group has partnered with United Way of Denton County to re-launch a “Feed Back for Feedback” campaign. For each submission of feedback that we receive on our support request tickets or for each review on our Facebook and/or Google pages, Cima will donate $5.00 to help provide meals for those who are in need in our local community.

Security Q&A #TechTip

Our VP of Security, Alex Morrow, and Marketing Leader, Madison Hardy, talk about the importance of Security Solutions for individuals, more specifically business owners. Check out this Q&A for Technical Support and additional tips, such as password management.

Which Widget Works Wonders?

Why Cima should be your first and last stop on the road to an Infrastructure Solution.
Having been fortunate enough to work for some of the largest, and most predominate tech companies operating in the US, one thing I know for certain - NONE of them are perfect for every need in your infrastructure.

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