In the 'Age of Sail' on our earth’s vast oceans, sailors were literally at the mercy of the wind and the waves. They didn’t have engines as a backup propulsion source when the the winds died down. When the tides turned and a ship and her crew were faced with daunting weather, a yell would sound out, “Hold Fast”!

To hold fast means to bear down… to grit it out and above all, stay the course. A very real parallel can be drawn to a sales career as I am quickly finding out. I have just passed my first 90 days as an account executive in technology sales here at Cima Solutions Group.

As my boss recently pointed out to me, I have just left the “honeymoon phase”. You know, that time where new clients were only a phone call away and success was all but certain. The daily grind is now before me, where it is abundantly clear that this job is a tough one. Tech sales is a crowded and extremely competitive market. Prospects are constantly inundated with calls and emails from my competitors making it extremely tough to show how we are different here at Cima. Showing how we can add value to a business through the right IT solution is a tough call to task. Now is the time to Hold Fast!

Just as calm waters always follow the storm, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. A time is just on the horizon where my increasing product knowledge, and the hard work I am putting in now to build a book of business, will pay off. I see the great success that can come in this profession - a unique mix of competition and a direct ability to help customers solve IT problems. So for now, I will Hold Fast!


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