An Intentional Reminder: Customer Care

An Intentional Reminder: Customer Care

As one of Cima's newest team members,  I have been focused on learning our motivations and solutions as quickly as I can, wanting to reach our expectations,  and aim even higher (I think I just figured out why I was nicknamed the teacher's pet).  Customer care is important over here, so as I was scrolling through LinkedIn this morning, I came across an article that caught my eye. This article sheds light on the power that stems from understanding your customers and knowing how to interact with them in a way that benefits both parties.

Powerful Sales Questions We Forget to Ask:

Customer Care - Cima - Direct EngagementThis particular article, titled The Powerful Sales Question We Forget to Ask, talked about the necessity in becoming aware of the context that shapes the customer's needs,  further understanding what is important to them, and putting yourself in the best possible position to serve and grow together. This may seem simple,  but Cima is intentional about our relationships with clients and partners. We look forward to serving our clients and seeing the results of efforts in the mutual success of our organizations. And this was a reminder for me to continue that intentionality.

A Reminder:

This article ended with these two questions:  What does your customer want to do next? What must you do next to help him/her get to where he/she wants to go? I wrote these on a little sticky note near my ever-full coffee mug,  with a pun that says I'm a glass half full kind of gal. 

Customer Care:

A simple message, but a good reminder for me - and hopefully for you too!  If you're interested in Cima's customer care,  check out our case studies here, with dialogue from our customers and the situations that made them feel heard and taken care of.  

Or contact us directly and allow us to ask the right questions and intentionally serve your company's needs.

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