When Disaster Recovery is Top of Mind, You need a DR Plan

When Disaster Recovery is Top of Mind,  You need a DR Plan

With Hurricane Florence currently making landfall in the United States, disaster recovery is top of mind for many people.  Veeam has a white paper out titled “Five Keys to Keeping Your District’s Digital Services Up and Running” that includes general advice that any type of organization can take to implement an effective disaster recovery plan.  Those five steps are summarized below. 

  1. Practice the rule of 3-2-1.  This is a standard rule of thumb in the industry which states that organizations should keep 3 copies of their data on 2 different types of media and 1 of those copies should be stored off-site. Additionally, we have introduced this rule in our Veaam blog here
  2. Establish RTOs and RPOs.  RTO stands for Recovery Time Objective, which is how long a service can be down before the impact on the organization becomes extreme.  RPO stands for Recovery Point Objective, which is how much data could be lost in the event that a restore, from your last backup or replication,  is performed.
  3. Use the Right Products.  The DR solution an organization selects needs to fit within the capabilities of the IT department.  Many products now offer an automation option for the tasks that, up until now,  typically consumed significant amount of IT man-hours.
  4. Make Data Recovery Easy.  Since data restoration is not a routinely performed task, it should be managed and rehearsed to ensure skill sets have not atrophied.
  5. Take Ransomware Seriously.  Organizations need to have someone in-house.  Or an organization should acquire a third-party vendor who can design a DR and Backup plan that will prevent ransomware from spreading throughout the network.

For more information on how to properly back up the VSCA and components, decipher what needs to be restored and what needs to be redeployed, and how to make your recoveries easier.  Please download the whitepaper on these "how-to's". 

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