Legal Technology: Social Media by Law Firms, IT by Us

Legal Technology: Social Media by Law Firms, IT by Us

Grabbing some inspiration from this blog post by LTT, I've decided to talk about social media presence in today's world, Legal Firms, and a shameless plug of our Managed Services.

Social media is a key branding tool for marketing your business, especially in today's digital world.  Having an active social media presence can go a long way towards building and enhancing your online brand. Social media is key in your marketing implementation plan because it’s an easy way to expose your business to your community with the push of a button.

Why Social Media?Legal Technology Support

One of the many perks of a social media presence is the outreach your company is capable of. You can reach your entire community (more specifically, your target audience) by posting intentional content on your page and engaging with those who already follow you, as well as with those who should. Social media platforms range from Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn, each owning a different kind of presence with their own promising results.  When you regularly create posts that are focused on the enhancement of your brand, in return, you will gain a certain kind of credibility as the local contact in your city. For instance, "If a personal injury attorney needs to send you a family law case, a strong social media presence only increases the chances that attorney will think of you first because they’ve seen your content posted across social media." Social media helps people remember who you are and what you do. Whenever we are aimlessly scrolling through our different social platforms, sometimes a name will stick in our brains.  And then when we need a particular service, to put it simply, whatever name stuck will then get the call.

The article I had mentioned above goes in to a little more detail on why social media is important and what it can ultimately do for your business growth.  It is important to pay attention to things such as tactics on generating more leads, what channels are most important, and what types of posts you should create.

"As you can see, social media is more than just a time-wasting diversion that your kids stare at all day. It can be a helpful tool to grow your referral base and establish your credibility and authority as THE legal expert in your community."

You Focus on your Business, We will Focus on your ITLegal Technology / IT Support

And here comes our turn. By focusing more on marketing and what social media can bring to the table, you will have the ability to dive in to your client base, generate more consistent leads, and build/strengthen your company exposure.  By letting us handle your IT, you can focus on what is more visible to your audience. You’ll be free from the monitoring, maintenance and management of daily IT responsibilities.

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