Feed Back for Feedback

Feed Back for Feedback

Help Us in Helping Our Local Community

Cima Solutions Group has partnered with United Way of Denton County to re-launch a “Feed Back for Feedback” campaign. For each submission of feedback that we receive on our support request tickets or for each review on our Facebook and/or Google pages, Cima will donate $5.00 to help provide meals for those who are in need in our local community.

Denton County food insecurity stats

 This campaign will kick off on March 16th and continue for the remainder of the year. Please join us by providing feedback to help those in need in Denton County!

Why Feed Back?

An estimated 113,260 residents of Denton County face hunger and food insecurity, which means they do not know where their next meal will come from. Hunger and undernourishment hinder a child's performance at school, a parent's ability to work, as well as the overall health of families across Denton County. This is our chance to improve lives by making sure parents and their children don't go hungry.

We look forward to sharing the impact of our joint efforts! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you and our community.  To learn more about United Way of Denton,  or if you're interested in donating/supporting, go here for additional details. #LiveUNITED #UNITED4DentonCounty

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