Remember the Equifax Breach? Here’s an Update

Spoiler alert: it isn’t good news.

On September 7th, 2017, it was made public that Equifax had suffered one of the largest cybersecurity breaches in history, and as a result, had left 145.5 million consumers in the United States vulnerable to identity theft.

Tech Tip | Monitoring Hardware to Keep Business Moving

As statewide stay-at-home orders lapse, more and more businesses aim to reopen. For a fair share of these businesses, remote technology has been a godsend. For the businesses that cannot reopen yet, being able to monitor your IT infrastructure while you are out of the office is extremely important to the sustainability of your remote access solutions.

WFH Good or Bad? | Telework Is Turning Some Heads

With COVID-19 still in play, working remotely has become how many employees have continued to fulfill their work responsibilities. Now, as we settle into this new way of doing things, the question has arisen: after all this is over, will business operations return to the way they once were? Let’s discuss.

Backups | Is Your Data Redundant?

“Redundancy” isn’t typically viewed as a good thing, but when a disaster strikes, it can become a good thing very quickly to have a redundant copy of your data. March 31st is World Backup Day so let’s take a moment and examine why a certain amount of data redundancy is actually welcomed.

2019 SMB Technology Trends: A Mid-Year Review

Business and technology publications that cover the SMB market have a habit of predicting trends at the start of every year. SMB Group’s “Top 10 SMB Technology Trends of 2019” report, which was sponsored by Oracle and published in January, stood out as a particularly comprehensive review for this year.

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Entitled to the Presents of an Attorney: A Christmas Wish List for Law Firms

Since the holiday season has come and Christmas day is around the corner, we’ve decided to write a wish list for Santa, documenting what technology trends and improvements lawyers should implement in the new year. If you’re a lawyer, and you need help constructing a list of gifts that benefit you, and your clients, look no further… Cima and Santa have you covered.