Hybrid cloud: Understanding the benefits, and making your move

By now, you've probably learned at least something about the potential benefits of moving your IT systems to the cloud, and perhaps you're already thinking of how to go about making the move. At the same time, exploring the cloud has most likely led you to realize that it isn't a good fit for all of your workloads.

Why managing your own technology is a liability

If you’re a business then you likely have a handful, if not dozens of computers with important files and/or client information stored on them. You also probably have an intranet and a public facing internet website, which form your IT network. In our experience, businesses come out ahead when they allow professionals to handle their IT network, enabling the business to focus on their core mission.

Understanding log management tools in a hybrid cloud environment

In the previous post in this series, we provided a brief introduction to the new partnership between Cima Solutions Group and Splunk. While the log analysis and log management tools Splunk offers can benefit you whether your organization plans to run an on-premises or a cloud environment, perhaps the best way to benefit from the new partnership is to blend the two together, by taking advantage of the hybrid cloud capabilities of Cima.