Managed IT Services for Small Businesses Increases Revenue Growth

Small businesses have unique needs relating to IT services. Without the budget or resources of large companies, many have found great advantages in outsourcing IT. These businesses have much to gain—increased productivity, more security, less downtime, and more effective tools—by partnering with a provider to manage their network.

Does Hybrid Cloud Make Sense for Me?

In 2017, more than 3.8 billion internet users combined to create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. Whether it’s Facebook Video, a Stripe transaction, or even a comment on a news article, every single interaction creates information that must be stored somewhere.

5 Signs IT Might Be Holding You Back

It’s a common problem. After years of hard work growing your business, you’re finally connecting with your target audience and becoming a real player in your market. Now it's time to grow. But scaling your business presents a whole new set of challenges.

Splunk in Higher Education

I recently had the opportunity to spend a half day with the Splunk team in our Dallas based office who works with Higher Education Colleges, Universities and Community Colleges. It was really an eye opening discussion to say the least. First off, it might be my age - let’s just say “over 40” for sake of discussion here - but you have to erase everything you remember about your days in college, right? For many like me, that is actually quite easy, but for different reasons than you’re probably thinking.

Cima at the 2018 TAGITM Education Conference!

The 2018 TAGITM Education Conference will be held April 24-27 in San Antonio, Texas. This year’s event—40 Years of TAGITM: From Bytes to Beyond—is shaping up to be the best conference to date! And the team at Cima Solutions Group is excitedly making plans to be on hand to demonstrate our IT services and solutions we offer for state and local governments.

IaaS for Small Businesses – The Right Choice?

The modern world runs on data. Lots and lots of data! Some of Silicon Valley’s largest tech giants such as Facebook and Google have amassed great fortunes through the commoditization of data. Whether it’s personal information, financial transactions, business documents, photos, or videos, people create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day.

Keeping Student Data Safe

This year, the team here at Cima Solutions Group has seen much more interest in our services and solutions from many of the Independent School Districts (ISDs) throughout Texas. The ISDs are looking for ways to better secure access both in and out of their internal networks as well as secure and protect data.

Cloud backup keeps your company’s data safe

If you're considering a move to cloud for your business, then you're certainly not alone. Interest in cloud computing is at an all-time high among business leaders. They are looking for ways to leverage the cloud to benefit their business. It's really no wonder why: the cloud can offer a number of important business benefits, including the abilities to scale compute capacity rapidly, maximize efficiency, and spread costs out over time rather than paying high up-front capital expenses.

Nutanix AHV is Taking Over

Nutanix AHV is the Next Generation Hypervisor
As a strong partner of Nutanix, Cima firmly believes in the value of a HyperConverged infrastructure. A few years ago we began deploying Nutanix for our client's VDI environments. From there, the benefits of Nutanix have become obvious beyond the VDI stack, and thus our clients quickly began to move their virtual environments to the HyperConverged stack managed by Prism.

Cima Doubles Down on Hiring Veterans

With July 25th being National Hire a Veteran Day, I was delighted to spend it with our newest and second Veteran hire in the last three months, John Schenck. With John Schenck (USMC) and Kevin Snodgrass (US Navy) currently providing sales coverage for Central Texas and NE Texas respectively, I can tell you I have never been more proud of the Cima team than I am right now.