2018 Managed Service Providers: #Top501.

2018 Managed Service Providers: #Top501.

My boss, Todd Brown, advised me to share a little more information and news, and a little less self-promotion. I promise I'll learn eventually. But for now, we have been awarded a noteworthy success and I can't help but share, and thank those who continue to support our business.

Channel Futures and the MSP 501 team has included us in their #MSP501 list. The MSP 501 is the first, largest and most comprehensive ranking of managed service providers worldwide. Channel Futures received a record number of submissions from MSPs around the globe, applicants pouring in from Europe, Asia, South America and beyond, each business offering a wide range of verticals and a diverse collection of services. There were many factors that were evaluated and involved in our ranking, and I have provided some of those reasons below.

  • Revenue growth and business models
  • Hiring trends and workforce dynamics
  • Business strategies
  • Service deliverables
  • Business tools and automation investments

Cima Award - MSP 501

As stated in the email announcement that we received, we were given a spot in the top 501 because of our forward-thinking business strategies and our ability to anticipate and act upon trends in the fast-evolving IT channel market.

We are proud of what we accomplish here at Cima Solutions Group and are even more thankful for our partners and clients.

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