Great New Happenings from Splunk Live

Great New Happenings from Splunk Live

Just before heading off with the family to Galveston over Memorial weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the Splunk Live Dallas event! These events are always great to hear how other companies are utilizing splunk and, of course, learn from Splunk experts about solving security challenges, taking advantage of Artificial Intelligence in Big Data, and improving incident response. They always have a wide range of tracks from beginner to the more advanced.

If you aren’t familiar with Splunk, it is a platform that lets you take machine data, all those countless logs and information created by servers, firewalls, applications... the list goes on and on. Companies are able to utilize Splunk to turn unstructured data into real-time answers and insights by indexing and correlating data that was previously unused and rarely looked at.

The Fossil Group explained how they were able to use Splunk to go from disparate data to a dashboard-driven business insights and secure their stores from attack. Between PCI compliance to ensuring POS uptime, they were able to harness the power of machine data to save huge amounts of money and (almost) countless man hours.

Citigroup also spoke about using Splunk to give them the right information at the right time. By utilizing real-time machine data, Citigroup is able to share information with shareholders in minutes instead of days. They have already been able to gain deep insights into detailed operations, perform in-house monitoring, and create efficiencies, and that’s all since September!

In addition to all of this, it was clear Splunk is making it easier to start Splunking, both from a cost perspective, as well as usability.  They announced a promotion which allows you to leverage their IT Operations toolset to monitor up to 200GB (50VMs).  On the usability front, they have announced an App called "Security Essentials" which basically provides you the ability to decide which of hundreds of security use cases you are trying to solve to with Splunk and it gives you the suggested data sources to ingest along with the code string for search, and DASHBOARDING.  Who doesn't like Dashboards???

I look forward to the next event to learn and hear even more customer success stories. In the meantime, Happy Splunking!

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