This One Ain’t About Technology – A Focus on Corporate Responsibility

This One Ain’t About Technology – A Focus on Corporate Responsibility

This week I had the opportunity to attend the local IBM Employee Charitable Contribution Campaign (ECCC) kickoff at the IBM office in Coppell, TX.  As I watched my best friend give an amazingly impassioned speech about ALS (he was diagnosed 4 weeks ago), I began to think about all of the things that our partners do to help others.  For one hour, I was not thinking about VMs, Pedabytes, HCI, or Malware.  So as I sat down to write my blog this weekend, this was the topic that kept coming back to me.  So today, it's not about the technology.  I am proud to be a part of Cima and share this with every chance I get. I am also proud to be a part of the partner Ecosystem we have established.  So today, I thought I would would highlight some of the key ways our partners take responsibility for others.

Cima Feed Back for Feedback

In an effort to help supply food for the hungry, on North Texas Giving Day (9/20), Cima launched our Feed Back for Feedback Program.  As a way to truly extend the Cima family to our clients, we offer them the opportunity to have Cima donate to the local United Way of Denton County every time they simply provide feedback on our services.  To date, we have fed 16 individuals for an entire month.  Feed Back for Feedback Campaign
Additionally Cima has provided countless donations to our client's charitable programs as well as some near to our hearts at Cima,  such as ALS, ASC, and the MMRA.  Taking responsibility for others stretches beyond charity.  In 2017 Cima was introduced to
Tech Qualled and hired two Military Veterans to lead our sales efforts in Dallas and Austin.  I am in awe of our Veterans, and proud to work with them.  In addition to John Schenck and Kevin Snodgrass who came to us through Tech Qualled, we are also proud to have Anthony Dudley as a key member of our MSP team. 

IBM ECCC and Beyond

I have always believed that IBM was the best company in the world.  Not because of the technology, the patents (although they are impressive), or the size.  Because of the pure and simple focus they have on people, ethics, and responsibility.  24 years ago, I sat through my first ECCC kickoff.

This program has been in place for over 40 years.  That's over 1 BILLION Dollars.  Yes, BILLION.  IBM takes this seriously.  They challenge every employee to at least make a choice.  They don't have to give, but they take pride in simple awareness from every employee.  In addition to ECCC, IBM has countless programs devoted to enriching the  world.  What they do is truly amazing, and it is why they remain a force in the world, regardless of their technology.  It's worth a read here.  Eye Opening.  Thank YOU IBM.

Nutanix .Heart

This year I attended the Nutanix Sales Kickoff (SKO) in Las Vegas.  Like most sales kickoffs, they debuted a 2018 four part strategy complete with acronym.  They are usually something that seems to have been developed from the VP of Sales who has just read his first motivational 101 book.  This one was different.  Hungry, Humble, Honest, .Heart.  Let that sink in.  What about this says go out and sell more than your competitor?  I walked away from that conference believing that Nutanix is more than a cool new technology.  It is a company that believes in the world, it's people,  etc.  The amount of time in a sales kickoff (WHICH INCLUDED IT'S PARTNERS BTW!) that was dedicated to the fourth H was amazing.  Nutanix .Heart program is more than just a corporate responsibility program.  It is truly woven into the fabric of their culture.  It was obvious as each corporate leader spoke, as I chatted with "Nutants".  Giving not just money, but time.  Each leader that spoke seemed to have something more than their organization to talk about.  Voice, Time, Technology, all matter at Nutanix.  Thanks Nutants!


Data is becoming more and more important in what companies are doing.  Not just to run their business, but to make a difference.  Splunk, the leader in Machine Data Intelligence, realized this years ago.  Splunk4Good provides anyone looking to use data to a platform for social impact, the tools they need. This happens as part of the Splunk Pledge. Splunk will donate over $100m over 10 years to nonprofit organizations and educational institutions around the globe to support academic research and generate social impact.

Just the limited work we have done with Splunk, at a NTX Independent School District, has shown me the the power of data in our community.   Thank YOU Splunkers!

HPE Foundation / HPE Gives

HPE takes an inspiring approach to charitable organizations and donations.  The HPE Foundation is set up to manage the various charities, programs, and donations offered by HPE and their employees.  The reason I say "inspiring" is because the HPE Gives program puts it on the employees to lead the way, and says, "HPE is here in support of your EFFORTS and DONATIONS".  It starts with 60 hours of vacation time for all employees to dedicate volunteer efforts.  60 hours!  Not only do these hours contribute to the personal impact of their time,  but it also earns donation rewards.  Essentially, for every hour volunteered, HPE will donate $5-$10 to the particular charity.  On top of allowing for people and time in their efforts, HPE also provides a matching donation of up to $5,000 per employee to their selected charity.  I really like this idea!   Last year I asked a mentor about which Veteran programs I should donate too.  He gave me a few, but said "Instead of money, give your time and recommended Veterati.  Often people start thinking about charity as a donation of money.  Do NOT underestimate the value of you.  That is what I like most about this program.  Nicely done team HPE!

These charitable programs from Cima, IBM, Nutanix, Splunk, and HPE are important to recognize.  Charity sees the need, not the cause.



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