Top 3 #LegalTech Articles

Top 3 #LegalTech Articles

Each week I plan to share my "Top 3" preferences of Legal/Technology articles. For the week of Jan 14-18,  my curated list is seen below.

Legal IT Newswire:

"Workshare, a provider of content comparison and protection technology, announces the availability of this major new release. The highlight of this announcement is the new ability to compare Microsoft Excel workbooks with Workshare Compare’s innovative new product, Workshare Professional 10."

Criminal Justice Email Failure Leaves Lawyers in the Lurch Mid-trial:

"The Criminal Justice Secure email system has gone down leaving users - many of which are barristers or prosecutors in the middle of a trial - with no access to emails and documents for up to two weeks."

 5 Accounting Resolutions for Your Firm in 2019:

"In this video, you’ll learn five simple resolutions that will help you make the legal accounting process easier and more profitable for your firm."

Stay tuned for next week's Top 3 #LegalTech articles!

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