Cybersecurity: Why You, and Your Business, Need it

Cybersecurity: Why You, and Your Business, Need it

Cybersecurity is important and Cima will continue shouting that from the rooftops! Jumping right in with some alarming statistics - A Tripwire study centered around 306 IT professionals, in August 2018,  finds that companies are falling short in risk management.


According to this survey, two-thirds of professionals surveyed are not following primary CIS or Defense Information Systems Agency guidelines that provide a framework for the bare minimum network security.

57 percent of the IT professionals said it can take hours, weeks, or months to detect new devices connecting to their organization’s network. 40 percent of organizations are not scanning for vulnerabilities weekly,  or on a more frequent basis, despite recommendations. And only half run the more comprehensive authenticated scans.

Lastly, it takes 27 percent of organizations anywhere from a month to more than one year to deploy a security patch.

Why Might An MSP Be Right For You?

These statistics can be reduced if your company assesses the necessity of a MSP and evaluates what level of protection is most convenient and efficient for your particular needs. If your company's in-house IT capabilities aren’t up to the task, in most cases, a MSP can offer better, cheaper, and faster security service. Moreover, MSPs can provide the training that could help mitigate some of the Tripwire report’s spotlighted weaknesses. This awareness will allow you, and your business, to become more managed, prepared, secured, and scalable.


A Senator in Texas has submitted a bill to require state agency employees to complete Cybersecurity awareness training. This training must be designed, administered, and maintained by a third-party vendor in this state that:

  • has offered professional security awareness training in this state for at least 5 years
  • has provided SAT to at least 100,000 people
  • is recognized by the legal community as the leader in the security awareness training field

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