How to Make Time Slow Down

How to Make Time Slow Down

Our days seem to be getting busier and time isn't getting any slower.   We fill our calendars to the brim to make sure that we are getting the most out of our day.  Since, nowadays, slowing down or taking a break feels somewhat like a weakness.

But here's a good reminder - slowing down is necessary and productive for your health. And you should not feel guilty about it by any means. Read more to engage in two different ways that could help you slow down time.

How to Make Time Slow Down:

When we understand the psychological processes behind our different experiences of time, we might be able to slow things down a little. In Steve Taylor's book, Making Time, he suggests a number of basic "laws" of psychological time, as experienced by most people. One of these is that time seems to speed up as we get older. Another is that time seems to slow down when we’re exposed to new environments and experiences.

These two laws are caused by the same underlying factor: the relationship between our experience of time and the amount of information our minds process. The more information our minds take in, the slower time seems to pass.

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Two Timely Suggestions:

Firstly, since familiarity makes time pass faster, we can slow down time by exposing ourselves to as much new experience as possible. By giving ourselves new challenges, meeting new people, exposing our minds to new information, hobbies and skills, and so on. This will increase the amount of information our minds process and stretch out our experience of time passing.

Secondly, we can slow down time by making a conscious effort to be more “mindful” of our experiences. Mindfulness means giving our whole attention to an experience - to what we are seeing, feeling, tasting, smelling, or hearing - rather than to our distracted thoughts. Which means leaving work at the office and actually seeing and listening to the sights and sounds that surround you when making your commute back home.

From this point of view, we don’t have to think of time as an enemy. To a certain extent, we can understand and control our experience of time passing.

Prioritize, slow down, and recognize that you deserve a little extra time here and there. Maybe even delegate your IT management to us so that you can free up some time in your daily responsibilities... and that's my shameless plug, as always.

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