What Is Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery?

Are you looking for a way to protect your IT systems once and for all? Do you need data backup and recovery services at your doorstep yesterday? With managed backup and data recovery services, we’re right there to assist you with any of your technological needs.

Why Your Small Business Needs Cybersecurity Too

Here it comes, that foreboding sense of dread. Problems are flying at you from every direction. As a business owner, you know that sinking feeling in the pit of your gut well.  This time, your outdated computer systems have crashed. Again. You’re not 100% sure what happened, but it’s causing major headaches for your sales manager and severely limiting her ability to communicate with clients.

Security Q&A #TechTip

Our VP of Security, Alex Morrow, and Marketing Leader, Madison Hardy, talk about the importance of Security Solutions for individuals, more specifically business owners. Check out this Q&A for Technical Support and additional tips, such as password management.

Passwords: A How-To #TechTip

#TechTip for Password Management:

Another #techtip is available from our VP of Security and IT Managed Services. This month Alex Morrow discusses the importance of creating efficient and deliberate passwords. Watch below and learn why I like to walk my dog everyday except if it rains.

Got Phishing Emails? O365 Report Message Addin Can Help

Got phishing emails?
Alex Morrow, VP of Security and IT Managed Services, takes you through how to easily install O365 Report Message addin to detect phishing attacks driven through inauthentic emails.

For more on our Security and IT Managed Services offerings, check out this page.