Holiday Humbug: 6 Ways to Beat Holiday Stress at Work

Holiday Humbug: 6 Ways to Beat Holiday Stress at Work

During the season of giving, it can feel like you are just giving too much and throwing in the towel is looking more and more appealing with every second. Holidays are an extremely stressful time for everyone. There is year end financials to get in order, everyone is making a big push to get through the next month, and time seems to be a premium. Not to mention the stress of family and friends, no matter how much we love them! Holiday stress and anxiety can strike anyone.

Where is all that stress stemming from in the first place? Workplaces often kick into high gear during the holidays. This can mean project deadlines are looming or the push to sell more could be pressuring people to perform at a higher pace than normal. There is also the increase in consumer ads and the financial pressure of the gift giving season. When the walls seem like they are getting closer; here are just a few ways to ease the headaches. 

Make a list of “To Do’s”.

This is probably something your mom would tell you to do as you roll your eyes, but it works. Whether you are a list maker or not, take the time to organize your priorities. This can be personal and professional. There are often items on your list that can wait for another day or even after the holidays. Some may even not need to be on that list at all. Looking at all of them and mentally preparing yourself also means that you don’t feel the need to do all things at one time. Each has its place on the list; therefore, as you move from one to the other, there can be a sense of accomplishment. 

Learn to say no. 

Is this the Christmas party for your friends’ friend that invited you out of obligation because you met at the game that one time? You do not have to go! Do not feel bad about just saying no to things that you never really needed to do in the first place. People that love saying yes often find themselves in the middle of situations thinking “Why on earth did I ever agree to this?” 

stress at work girl laptop Instead of just agreeing, start saying you will think about it and let them know. This gives you your own time to consider what is best for you before you go leaping into unknown obligations. Despite what people think, saying no is not a poor reflection on one’s character. Who knows, you may even inspire those around you to stop saying yes to frivolous requests as well. 

Maintain healthy habits. 

Believe me, the cookie tray is tempting for absolutely everyone, and some holiday indulgences are unavoidable. Enjoy the season, but do not forget about habits that have been around all year to make you feel your best. This does not only apply to sweets. In the holiday rush people can forget to do all kinds of things, most importantly, take breaks. 

If you work at a computer, walk away after a little while to just reset. This is important for your vision health as well as your mental help as a small break to the water cooler can take your mind away from the issue at hand. Hyper focusing on an issue can lead to tunnel vision and make solving problems that much harder. Set some boundaries for your own protection. It can lead you to become a more productive and happy employee in the long run. 

Get moving!

Winter has us all cooped up and dreary for months. It can be hard to find the motivation to get moving, so find small ways to keep yourself active. Take a walk during lunch. Take the stairs instead of the elevator for a few months. Find an activity to do with your coworkers after work like TopGolf or ice skating. Sedentary lifestyles lead to unhappiness and higher rates of depression, so get that behind up and moving! 

Being outdoors can help especially. The sun, the sounds, the clean air all help to recenter our bodies to handle life’s stress. This can be a little harder in the winter months, but a little bit of cold never hurt anyone. A bit of hot chocolate never hurt as well. Bundle up and breathe in a bit of crisp air. 

Find some time for solitude. 

girl with boots standing on a log in the middle of the woods aloneWith everything that pulls at people these days, it can be hard to feel like escaping is even possible. That is what makes setting aside 15 to 30 minutes for some alone time so important. Some people wake up an extra few minutes before everyone else to enjoy their cup of coffee alone. The night owls will stay up a few minutes later. Another strategy could be shutting the office door for lunch to have some time to eat and de-stress. Either way, a few minutes alone are extremely beneficial, even for the extroverts of the world. 

Set realistic expectations. 

We all want to be the best we can be for our employer, our loved ones, and our children; but none of us are super heros. It is ok to let yourself be just a bit less super if stress is just eating you alive. This goes hand in hand with remembering to take those breaks and spend some time alone. You are one person and your best is your best. Expecting above and beyond becomes that much harder around the holidays, so cut yourself a break. 


Implementing all or even just some of these may seem like too simple of a solution for how you may feel. De-stressing does not always have to be a theatrically bubbly bath with a giant glass of pinot noir. As nice as that sounds, how realistic is it to do this daily? Those big acts of self love are important, but these easy steps can be the difference between sanity and chaos. 

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