Small Business Tips for Efficiency and Modernization

In this modern era, running a small business or even a medium sized business takes a lot more strategy than it used to. The market is flooded with competitors, large and small, and networking goes far beyond your local boys club. There are so many factors that go into starting and maintaining that business, that it can become easily overwhelming for a small team to handle.

Legal Technology | An Anomaly Or An Ethical Necessity?

Total 360 Tech View

Legal technology has become crucial for an effective law practice – both in the private sector and the public sector. Gone are the days of large rooms packed with file cabinets. The large law libraries you may see when you walk into an office now are generally used for aesthetic effect.

SB820 – Cybersecurity in the Classroom

Classrooms have been transforming alongside every change of society as long as the educational system itself has existed. From the marble halls containing the scrolls of ancient Greece and Rome to modern classrooms with online textbooks; it has been a reflection of the culture and concerns of society at large.

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