Thankful for Technology

Thankful for Technology

I'm all about using less technology during the holidays. Unplugging and reserving that energy for those around you, cherishing and celebrating what is most special to you - it's important.  Although,  I think that there are some beneficial ways to use technology, more efficiently, so that you remain thankful.

Technology and Thanksgiving?

They don't have to clash, my friends.  In fact, technology can bring us closer together on Thanksgiving - so long as apps, electronics, and digital tools, are deployed properly, not just wielded as a way to escape family time. Listed below are 6 ways to use technology,  while still engaging with family and friends over a feast worth focusing on.

Phone Home

Because we can't all be present,  sitting around the fire with our loved ones on Thanksgiving. Your family may live far away.   Distance makes the heart grow fonder, right? But online video conferencing apps, like Skype and FaceTime,  are easy to use. And quite frankly, it's the next best thing.

Kitchen Tools

While our grandparents may have fed a full house without so much as looking at a recipe card, today there are endless apps that offer instant recipes, planning platforms, digital thermometers,  and even ingredients delivered right to your door.

Watch Wisely

Macy's Parade is a must see for most families.  Or at least it is for mine.  On Thanksgiving morning, we can all agree that those balloon-filled streets are what we want to be watching. And in the afternoon,  football games are next. Watching a show or a game can trigger some unexpected bonding, and it's really just a relaxing thing to do after that big meal you just feasted on.

Online Donation

It's important for us to do our part in helping those in need,  especially during the holidays, which can, unfortunately,  bring heartache and loneliness for some.  Currently, Cima is helping feed those in need through a campaign with United Way of Denton County.  Here is a platform for other charities that you can donate to online.

Black Friday via Computer

Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, are traditions you do every year.  You don't want to miss out on all of the good deals,  I get it. But you don't have to line up outside of your favorite store on Thanksgiving evening to claim your spot. As long as you make sure the online shopping sites and apps you’re using are legitimate and secure, you can get everything done without leaving the comfort of your couch.

Workout with an App not a Nap

Let's be honest.  You're full of turkey and an afternoon nap is on the horizon. How about a quick little workout instead? Try Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Workout App. This isn't an ad, but I was setting goals for next year and found this little gem of a motivator.

For some extra guidance with technology on Thanksgiving,  watch the video below.

Being intentional with technology is important.  When you use your technology more efficiently, you can spend less time on your device, and more time with your loved ones. Use Technology and remain thankful.

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