The Transformative Effects of Technology

The Transformative Effects of Technology

I recently found a great article on the transformative effects of small changes and wanted to share some of the points that seemed most important. As well as add a little extra commentary. The Legal Technology article that I am referencing can be found here.

According to LegalTech news, "The changes in the legal sector in the past few years are well documented – increased client demands, pressure for fixed-fee pricing and increased competition from new business models and new entrants to the legal services market.  These challenges are drivers of business transformation with technology front and center."

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Transformation = Technology

People may be hesitant about the simplified equation above since usually there are hidden factors of bigger expenses and smaller budgets. The scale of the solutions available can also be a barrier. Often, "people think ‘transformation’ and the words ‘large-scale’, ‘expensive’ and ‘risky’ spring to mind.  However, this needn’t be the case. Change, even at a micro level, can deliver significant benefits to businesses of all sizes."

With this being said, managed services providers often have solutions and levels of support based on your needs. This means that whatever your budget is, or whatever your structural needs are, a MSP can form a plan and implement security according to what makes the most sense for your company.

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