Legal Technology: Paper Free, Save a Tree

Legal Technology: Paper Free, Save a Tree

Why go paperless? This is a difficult feat, especially in the profession of law. Why invest in the transition to digital documents when paper documents were still required in many different legal contexts?

Well, here's why.

Getting With the Technical Times:

It is now 2019, there has been progress, and things have changed (for the better). Many lawyers are now required to understand technology, and e-filing is being mandated in many jurisdictions. This e-filing mandate is causing lawyers to digitize their law firm’s Legal Technology documents. This has more firms moving towards a paperless law office, or at least, an office with less paper.

In part, this is because technology has improved, making it easier, more cost-effective, and more appealing than ever to move to a digital law firm. The many benefits of paperless law offices, including increased mobility and flexibility and online data backup, have convinced lawyers to make the switch.

Research and Understand Specific Needs:

For many lawyers, the idea of going paperless sounds like a good one, but the implementation can be daunting. And rightly so.  But it doesn’t have to be.  The key is to research and understand which tools will work best for your law firm’s specific needs.

Plan, Execute, and Utilize Additional Support:

Make sure to plan ahead, since that’s the key to a successful transition to a paperless office. Ask around and figure out what kind of technology would need to be prioritized. Come up with a strategy before starting the process and make sure to draft clearly Paperless Solutionswritten policies and procedures for everyone in your firm.  Additional support and monitoring of your systems allows you to focus a little less on what is behind the scenes and a little more on your business. Technology is available for your convenience and there’s no better time than the present.

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