HB 3834 Compliance | Texas DIR Cybersecurity Training

It’s probably on your to-do list: find out exactly how to meet the requirements of Texas Cybersecurity Awareness Training, which was mandated by House Bill 3834.

This article was written to help you do just that!

HB 3834 passed not even a full year ago, but the deadline for completion is already looming.

Networking | Technology & Community Interwoven

When it comes to your company's network, there are a few entities at play. From the professional networking you build to grow your company to the underground wires that connect you to the world, each carries a special weight. People are better and business is better when we all interwoven.

Email Security | Email Threats and Solutions Explained

Email is the lifeblood of today’s high-tech world.  Every single second, millions of emails are zapped all across the globe at lightning speed to billions of users.  We depend on email for both business and personal communications.  

Sadly, its popularity and commonality are why email became the preferred target for cybercriminals, thieves and hackers.

Holiday Humbug: 6 Ways to Beat Holiday Stress at Work

During the season of giving, it can feel like you are just giving too much and throwing in the towel is looking more and more appealing with every second. Holidays are an extremely stressful time for everyone. There is year end financials to get in order, everyone is making a big push to get through the next month, and time seems to be a premium.

Why Your Small Business Needs Cybersecurity Too

Here it comes, that foreboding sense of dread. Problems are flying at you from every direction. As a business owner, you know that sinking feeling in the pit of your gut well.  This time, your outdated computer systems have crashed. Again. You’re not 100% sure what happened, but it’s causing major headaches for your sales manager and severely limiting her ability to communicate with clients.

Small Business Tips for Efficiency and Modernization

In this modern era, running a small business or even a medium sized business takes a lot more strategy than it used to. The market is flooded with competitors, large and small, and networking goes far beyond your local boys club. There are so many factors that go into starting and maintaining that business, that it can become easily overwhelming for a small team to handle.

SB820 | Cybersecurity in the Classroom

Classrooms have been transforming alongside every change of society as long as the educational system itself has existed. From the marble halls containing the scrolls of ancient Greece and Rome to modern classrooms with online textbooks; it has been a reflection of the culture and concerns of society at large.