Do These Two Things After Every Meeting

We tend to fill our calendar with meetings, chats over coffee, and membership mixers. But then what?  Are you getting the most out of these meetings?

Let's Talk Results:
Steve Jobs insisted that every item on a meeting's "to-do list" should have a designated person that is responsible for that task and any follow-up work that needs to happen accordingly.

Legal Technology: Paper Free, Save a Tree

Why go paperless? This is a difficult feat, especially in the profession of law. Why invest in the transition to digital documents when paper documents were still required in many different legal contexts?

Well, here's why.
Getting With the Technical Times:
It is now 2019, there has been progress, and things have changed (for the better). Many lawyers are now required to understand technology, and e-filing is being mandated in many jurisdictions.

What You Didn’t Know About Google Sheets

There’s much more to Google Sheets than meets the eye. Learn more about these advanced options and get more productivity out of your day.

Give Me More, Google Sheets:

1. The next time you need to create a new spreadsheet, save yourself the trouble of opening up the main Google Sheets site and clicking through the commands there.

The Transformative Effects of Technology

I recently found a great article on the transformative effects of small changes and wanted to share some of the points that seemed most important. As well as add a little extra commentary. The Legal Technology article that I am referencing can be found here.

InfoSight – HPE Storage and Now… Servers

HPE's acquisition of Nimble a couple of years ago made a lot of sense for them.  As I tell people today, no one buys storage or servers because of the specs.  It's now all about management.  In fact, if you sit through a Nimble Storage dog and pony preso, you probably will notice, there are no slides on hardware.

Stressing? Try This.

The topic of stress, and how to handle it, came to mind after reading another interesting blog post from Law Technology Today (LTT). I think many of us struggle with that "work-life balance" concept from time to time.  This term has been used to describe the balance that an individual needs between time allocated for work and other aspects of life.

Legal Technology: Social Media by Law Firms, IT by Us

Grabbing some inspiration from this blog post by LTT, I've decided to talk about social media presence in today's world, Legal Firms, and a shameless plug of our Managed Services.

Social media is a key branding tool for marketing your business, especially in today's digital world.

Legal Technology and Cima’s Alexa Skill

This blog post is a combination of a legal technology opportunity and related news.  Sometimes you just need to get a lot out on the table, so here we are.
Legal Technology Opportunity:
Recently I read about a really neat opportunity for students. With this offering, students collaborate with a not-for-profit organization to identify common legal problems that can be answered through a series of structured questions.