The Need for a Small Business Security Audit

As cyber security threats continue to increase, Small Businesses need to constantly assess and resolve their IT vulnerabilities.
These days, no business can avoid the issue of cybersecurity. From agriculture to software development, small businesses that want to take advantage of today's technology need to recognize the consequent need to find and maintain system security.

The Need for Enterprise Class IT in Small Businesses

Be secure. Use technology to transform our business (aka Digital Transformation). No downtime. Be able to work anywhere, anytime and on any device. Leverage the Internet of Things. These sound like a New Year’s Resolution list for the CIO of a large enterprise right? But what about small businesses where resources are scarce and the luxury of a full service IT team is just a dream.

How do I Avoid Ransomware?

Just a couple weeks ago, I talked about What is Ransomware and explained how the threat is very real to both small businesses and larger organizations. We discussed how it could end up costing your business big if appropriate precautions are not implemented.

The Top 7 Cybersecurity Threats for Small Businesses

Let's talk about Cybersecurity Threats for Small Businesses. In an era where the average cost of a single data breach has reached $3.62 million according to Ponemon Institute, to say that cybersecurity for small business environments is essential is something of an understatement.

How The Spectre/Meltdown Vulnerabilities Work

(This post was written by Checkpoint and first appeared on the Checkpoint Blog.)

The Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities recently discovered in Intel, AMD and ARM processors, are fairly complex.

In this post we will try to simplify what the problem is, how it could affect your business and what actions can be taken to protect against it.

Managing Your Own IT Network Is Risky Business

If you’re a business then you likely have a handful, if not dozens of computers with important files and/or client information stored on them. You also probably have an intranet and a public facing internet website, which form your IT network. In our experience, businesses come out ahead when they allow professionals to handle their IT network, enabling the business to focus on their core mission.

Understanding DFARS Compliance

Understanding DFARS Compliance: What It Is and What You Need to Know
To say that cyber security is an important issue in the modern era is definitely something of an understatement. According to a recent study conducted by Ponemon Institute in association with IBM Security, the average cost of just a single data breach incident reached $3.62 million in 2017. That's just the consolidated worldwide cost, however - the average cost of a data breach in only the United States reached an all-time high of $7.35 million during the same period of time.

What is Ransomware?

What is Ransomware? Everywhere you look, it seems like there's a new eye-popping statistic that illustrates the threat posed by ransomware, whether it's the yearly growth rate of 350% percent, or the fact that it's expected to cause over $5 billion in damages in 2017 alone.