Cloud backup keeps your company’s data safe

If you're considering a move to cloud for your business, then you're certainly not alone. Interest in cloud computing is at an all-time high among business leaders. They are looking for ways to leverage the cloud to benefit their business. It's really no wonder why: the cloud can offer a number of important business benefits, including the abilities to scale compute capacity rapidly, maximize efficiency, and spread costs out over time rather than paying high up-front capital expenses.

Make Your Team All Pro

Is your infrastructure platform a team player?
On the football field, there’s no such thing as a one-man team. Even the most talented and athletic players know that they can’t do it alone; winning a championship requires individuals dedicated to putting the team first.

A championship team – Nutanix & IBM Power

In IT, team chemistry counts
Winning on the football field is all about having the right team chemistry in the locker room. If the players don’t like each other, work well together, and complement each other’s skill sets, then there’s really no amount of practice or preparation that can make up for that.

Pave the road to victory with IBM Power Systems for Nutanix

Draft a Winner for your Hyperconverged Team
Fall is here, and that means the start of a new football season. Just like in IT, the teams that did the best job of preparing themselves are already rising to the top of the league. On the other hand, teams that failed to stock their rosters are in for a long season.

Cima Solutions Group Acquires AbovePoint Technologies

Further Enhances CimaCare Managed Services Offering Lewisville, Texas—October 2, 2017Cima Solutions Group acquires AbovePoint Technologies, LLC to further enhance their CimaCare Managed Services offering to Texas businesses.Founded in 2011, AbovePoint Technologies has provided information technology solutions to Dallas Fort Worth small to medium sized businesses. AbovePoint Technologies is a “one company revolution” committing themselves to […]

How to compare the TCO of a backup appliance vs. Windows backup software

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Your backup and DR solution costs too much.

Every few years, you get the illustrious job of reviewing your backup and disaster recovery strategy. Sure you could just renew your current contract, or try to pit another vendor against the incumbent, but when is the last time you took a hard look at the true cost of your backup solution? At ALL the costs related to backup and continuity? And did you know that you can actually simplify your solution and reduce the cost by more than 50%?

This blog will identify and describe your hidden costs, and give you access to a simple calculator that will quantify them for you.


In the 'Age of Sail' on our earth’s vast oceans, sailors were literally at the mercy of the wind and the waves. They didn’t have engines as a backup propulsion source when the the winds died down. When the tides turned and a ship and her crew were faced with daunting weather, a yell would sound out, “Hold Fast”!

To hold fast means to bear down… to grit it out and above all, stay the course.

The Value of Managed Services

Let’s face it, many small-to-medium sized businesses simply don’t have the budget to build out their own internal IT department.
When stuck in this situation, I’ve seen companies take two different approaches.

The first involves having a known acquaintance that “knows a thing or two about computers” be the company’s part-time/as-needed IT support.

Why it’s Important to have Technical Support Services

Even if you invest in the latest IT technology, getting a return on your investment depends heavily on having the technical knowledge needed to truly make the most of that technology. As today’s IT solutions grow more advanced and integrated, the gaps in the skills and experiences of in-house IT teams are growing more pronounced, in addition to the risks created by those gaps.