What is disaster recovery, really?

Disaster recovery 101: What you need to know about disaster recovery (and how the cloud changes things)
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The term "disaster recovery" has been bandied around the world of IT for decades.

Nutanix AHV is Taking Over

Nutanix AHV is the Next Generation Hypervisor
As a strong partner of Nutanix, Cima firmly believes in the value of a HyperConverged infrastructure. A few years ago we began deploying Nutanix for our client's VDI environments. From there, the benefits of Nutanix have become obvious beyond the VDI stack, and thus our clients quickly began to move their virtual environments to the HyperConverged stack managed by Prism.

Cima Doubles Down on Hiring Veterans

With July 25th being National Hire a Veteran Day, I was delighted to spend it with our newest and second Veteran hire in the last three months, John Schenck. With John Schenck (USMC) and Kevin Snodgrass (US Navy) currently providing sales coverage for Central Texas and NE Texas respectively, I can tell you I have never been more proud of the Cima team than I am right now.

Big Data Success with Cloud

As the amount of data coming in to business systems continues to grow at an exponential pace, businesses must be prepared to capitalize on the value that data has to offer if they wish to be successful in the modern business era. That being said, these businesses can't expect to deploy the big data projects of tomorrow on the IT systems to today.

Cloud use cases: Enabling the anywhere, anytime worker

From a theoretical perspective, the potential benefits of a business moving some or all of their IT systems to a cloud environment are impossible to deny. However, in order to really get the bottom of what makes cloud so useful in today's business environment, it can be helpful to focus on something a little less abstract, and instead take a look at some actual use cases where cloud is changing business equations and giving some organizations a competitive advantage.

Hybrid cloud: Understanding the benefits, and making your move

By now, you've probably learned at least something about the potential benefits of moving your IT systems to the cloud, and perhaps you're already thinking of how to go about making the move. At the same time, exploring the cloud has most likely led you to realize that it isn't a good fit for all of your workloads.

Streamlined, hands-off customer support

An area that has been causing business leaders headaches for years is customer support. Of course, customers are the lifeblood of your business, so keeping them satisfied and informed should be one of your highest priorities. At the same time, dealing with the volume of customer calls and emails you receive may make it difficult for your employees to find any time in their day for the productive work that they were actually hired to do.

Disaster Recovery: Cold Sites, Hot Sites, and Why Do I Care?

When we think of catastrophe’s like car accidents or fatal illnesses we tend to think “that’s what always happens to other people”. Because of this, we are shocked when these things happen to us but the important thing to remember is that to someone else, you and I are the other people that these happen to.