Legal Technology and Cima’s Alexa Skill

This blog post is a combination of a legal technology opportunity and related news.  Sometimes you just need to get a lot out on the table, so here we are.
Legal Technology Opportunity:
Recently I read about a really neat opportunity for students. With this offering, students collaborate with a not-for-profit organization to identify common legal problems that can be answered through a series of structured questions.

Top 3 #LegalTech Articles

Each week I plan to share my "Top 3" preferences of Legal/Technology articles. For the week of Jan 14-18,  my curated list is seen below.
Legal IT Newswire:
"Workshare, a provider of content comparison and protection technology, announces the availability of this major new release.

Cloud Storage for Legal Firms

Why do Legal Firms need Cloud Storage?
Lawyers have a busy schedule, with meetings, court dates, case reviews, and so on. They have plenty of tasks to complete, people to see, and places to go. While lawyers must be cautious about new technology, the most popular cloud storage platforms, such as Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive,  have proven to be secure and efficient for storing, synchronizing, and sharing.

Top 3 #LegalTech Articles

Each week I plan to share my "Top 3" preferences of Legal/Technology articles. For the week of Jan 7-11,  my curated list is seen below.
How to Dispose of Tech: 
"As a legal professional, it’s important to keep tabs on new tech investments that could make your workflow more efficient, meet client needs and position your law practice as being well-positioned for the future.

Marketing in Modern Times with a Focus on Legal Firms

With the amount of content being created and posted on the internet every day,  it is really important for companies to join in on the cyber action. Marketing is about making sure your particular audience sees you, knows what you have to offer, and feels comfortable interacting with whatever you're aiming to sell.

Emerging Trends: What’s New in Tech Support?

With the upcoming new year,  "what's new?" has been the fast-forward question on a lot of our minds.  Recently, IBM hosted a webinar on the five emerging trends in technology support services.

The speaker, Dr. Shu Tao,  manager of the Department of Cognitive Platform for Support Services, at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center,  explored five technology trends that are expected to drive the evolution of the technology support services industry.

Thankful for Technology

I'm all about using less technology during the holidays. Unplugging and reserving that energy for those around you, cherishing and celebrating what is most special to you - it's important.  Although,  I think that there are some beneficial ways to use technology, more efficiently, so that you remain thankful.

Passwords: A How-To #TechTip

#TechTip for Password Management:

Another #techtip is available from our VP of Security and IT Managed Services. This month Alex Morrow discusses the importance of creating efficient and deliberate passwords. Watch below and learn why I like to walk my dog everyday except if it rains.

An Intentional Reminder: Customer Care

As one of Cima's newest team members,  I have been focused on learning our motivations and solutions as quickly as I can, wanting to reach our expectations,  and aim even higher (I think I just figured out why I was nicknamed the teacher's pet).  Customer care is important over here, so as I was scrolling through LinkedIn this morning, I came across an article that caught my eye.

2018 Managed Service Providers: #Top501.

My boss, Todd Brown, advised me to share a little more information and news, and a little less self-promotion. I promise I'll learn eventually. But for now, we have been awarded a noteworthy success and I can't help but share, and thank those who continue to support our business.